Our Team

A huge welcome from our dedicated team of teachers and support staff. Our team is driven to promote the raising of achievement at Donovan Primary. We look forward to seeing your at our great school.

Teaching Staff 
 PrincipalMr Peter Hopwood 
 Associate PrincipalMrs Helen Fallow  

Year 5&6 Rm 20 Associate Principal

Mr Brett Ryan  
 Year 5&6 Rm 21Miss Jacqui Holland 
 Year 5&6 Rm 1Miss Liz Kennedy 
 Year 5&6 Rm 2Ms Tracy Wheeler 
 Year 5&6 Rm 3Ms Juliet Keen 
 Year 3&4 Rm5Mrs Karyn Duncan 
 Year 3&4 Rm6 Ms Honey Ormond 
 Year 3&4 Rm 7Mrs Kellie Ronald 
 Year 3&4 Rm8Mrs Karen Leadley 
 Year 3&4 Rm 9Mrs Robyn Wilson 
 Year 1&2 Rm 12Miss Amanda Klemick 
 Year 2 Rm 13Miss Aisha Williams 
 Year 1 Rm 14Miss Maddy Grant 
 Year 5/6 Rm 15Miss Olivia Hall 
 Year 5/6 Rm 16Miss Racheal Fosbender 
 New Entrants Rm 17Mrs Julie Hopwood 
 Year 1&2 Rm 18Ms Paulette Crengle 
 New Entrant Rm19Mrs Melissa Edwards 
 Year 1 Rm 11  
 Special NeedsMrs Janene Butt 
 Reading RecoveryMrs Janene Butt 
 Part timeMrs Emma Nally, Ms Lisa Gerken-McCleery
SupportOffice ManagerMrs Maureen Erskine 
StaffOfficeMrs Amy Merrilees 
 Office/TAMrs Sandra Cowan 
 LibrarianMrs Jan Phair 
 Teacher AideMrs Sharon Carlene 
 Teacher AideMrs Lisa Dawson 
 Teacher AideMrs Narelle Dakers 
 Teacher AideMrs Amber Briggs 
 Teacher AideMrs Tracy Boniface 
 Teacher AideMrs Natasha Irvine 
 Teacher AideMr Liam Pope 
 Teacher Aide (Sports)

Ms Amelia Fosbender

 CaretakerMr Grant Baker 
 CleanersMs Tracy Duncan/Ms Kylie Munro 

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees usually meet at Donovan at 5.30pm on the third Tuesday of the month. Parents are reminded that the meetings of the Board of Trustees are open to the public. Our current board of Trustees are:

Chairperson                              Aaron Kerr

Finances                                    Aaron Kerr, Jill Wilkinson and Peter Hopwood

Curriculum/Achievement       Jill Wilkinson Karen Hargest and Peter Hopwood                 

Property/Health and Safety    Tristan Duffell and Scott Forbes                                   

Principal                                     Peter Hopwood

Staff Representative                  Karen Leadley               


The PTA meet reguarly each month. They are an active part of the school community. They fundraise for our school and also run the canteen. If you wish to contact any of our members please email [email protected]

To Contact Us

Donovan Primary 

200 Drury Lane

Invercargill 9810

Phone: 03-2159664

Txt 0273 727070