School Stream

School Stream is an app that you can download onto your phone or tablet at either the ‘Apple Store’ or ‘Google Play’. It is free to parents and is the main form of communication between school and home. If you cannot download it onto your phone, or you wish to see it on a computer, you can access it through the web portal and go to the Web version which is just under ‘Donovan Primary’ (in small printing)

Reporting to Parents

Class teachers are responsible for the monitoring, assessment and evaluation of all pupils in their care. Oral reporting, written reports, and portfolios are the methods for reporting to parents. Should you observe any changes in your child’s progress please ring the school office for an appointment to discuss your concerns with the class teacher.

Interviews with Teaching Staff

The staff welcomes opportunities to meet parents and discuss school progress or matters of concern. To avoid finding teachers unavailable when they call, parents are asked to make their initial appointment through the school office. This practice also ensures that parents concerns are heard and addressed.

Pupil Absences

Where a child is not expected to be at school either because of sickness or any other reason, parents are asked to inform the school by telephone (Ph 2159664) or text to cellphone 0273 727 070 before 8.50am or send a note to the office with another family member, or complete the absence form in School Stream. You are welcome to leave your message on our answer phone. We will endeavour to contact parents of non reported absences. Non contact will result in your child being marked as truant.

Leaving school grounds

Children are not permitted to leave the school grounds during lunch hour. The school must be notified if children are being collected during school hours.

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